$219,900 UP

Horsepower 180PS

Torque 240Nm

Fuel Economy Range


Seating for 5

Available in Panther Black

Click or tab to select colour

User Friendly

Ford Kuga’s smart tech makes it easier to pack, drive and power through the day.

  • Hands-free


  • Voice control

    SYNC system

  • Keyless

    Entry & Start

It feels good to feel safe

It’s important that you and your family feel safe in your car. The Ford Kuga incorporates some of the most advanced safety features available. Not only to help protect you. But to help prevent the need for protection in the first place.

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Every day is different

Even in the routine of the everyday, we need to adapt. And your car is no different. It needs to change to accommodate who’s going, what you’re taking with you and which road, or off-road, is on the way.

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Go the distance, and then some

The more time you can put between you and your next visit to the fuel pump the better. Fuel-saving technology and design ensure every single drop of fuel takes you further. So you can drive more and refuel less.

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